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  1. Re: Water Coming Out of Freezer Onto Kitchen Floor

    Thanks to all the comments and suggestions. We found the problem! The hole in the aluminum drain pan cover was not properly aligned with the actual drain hole. Since water was not draining easily,...
  2. Re: Water Coming Out of Freezer Onto Kitchen Floor

    Hello A. Spruce,

    When the freezer first leaked, I shut off the water supply line and have not turned it back on. After a few weeks, the leak occured again. It appears it's not coming from the...
  3. Re: Water Coming Out of Freezer Onto Kitchen Floor

    I found a drain pan and it's not full. I was hoping that could have been my easy fix!

    I didn't buy an extended warranty and my 1 year warranty expired 7 months ago. I think that's how warranties...
  4. Water Coming Out of Freezer Onto Kitchen Floor

    I have a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator/freezer, Model # FPHS2687KF4. It is just over 1 year old. Last night, I found water on the kitchen floor in front of the freezer and there was frozen...
  5. Re: Replacing Defective Shingles. Which new shingles should I buy?

    In response to dj1:

    The shingles were curling, splitting, cracking, and the asphalt was coming off. The roof lasted 10 years. The main problem was caused by the shingle backing composition and...
  6. Replacing Defective Shingles. Which new shingles should I buy?

    I realized my home had the Certainteed Sealdon 25 defective shingles. I filed a claim with the class action lawsuit and was able to get some money for roof replacement. Now I am ready to have the...
  7. Asked for new A/C quote, but was steered toward a heat pump

    Our home is 13 years old. We have a gas-forced air furnace that runs on propane. Now that we live here full-time, we decided to get a central A/C quote since it has been so hot, muggy, and humid. ...
  8. Should We Install An Air Gap for Dishwasher?

    We are installing a new dishwasher in our kitchen. Our old dishwasher used an air gap. Do we really need to use an air gap with our new one? We are unsure of the purpose of it. The new dishwasher...
  9. Undermount Sink for New Granite Countertop

    We have selected a granite countertop for our remodeled kitchen. I am now researching undermount sink options. I have it narrowed down to stainless or a Swanstone product. Any opinion as to which...
  10. Adding New Interior Walls to an Existing Loft

    Our loft has wall to wall carpeting which we will replace with new carpeting after the remodel. Our builder said they can build the new interior walls on top of the old carpeting. Is this a good...
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    Re: Heat Is Trapped in Base Cabinets

    Thank you for the great advice! After reading it though, it seems all the solutions involve removing the cabinet before the installation is done. Is that correct?

    Since the cabinets are all...
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    Heat Is Trapped in Base Cabinets

    We recently had custom base cabinets installed in our home. Some of the cabinets were placed on top of the floor heat vents. To get the heat out into the room, the installer cut in heat vents into...
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