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    Re: Insulation Question

    First off, Never trust a salesman! They can tell you anything and are only looking to get you to spend your money on their product so they can get paid. What I would suggest is do your research on...
  2. Re: National Energy Audit - second opinion request

    The only thing that I can comment on is the cost. If you call around too contractors you will be able to see what the going rate for work performed is and will then be able to make an informed...
  3. Re: Sweaty toilet tank, too far from water heater

    Thanks Canok. Appreciate the advice
  4. Sweaty toilet tank, too far from water heater

    Full Description:Our tolet tank sweats so badly we have to wipe up the water three and sometimes four times a day. I'm wondering if there may be an inline water heater that could be connected just...
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