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    Re: Working with Lead Doors

    I believe that you are. Like posted, unless you are eating it, or the dust, there are no worries. We have an old Victorian house that everything has lead paint, including the outside of the...
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    Re: Stain treated lumber -- dry?

    I recommend that you use Cyprus or Cedar. I build all kinds of garden furniture, accessories and planters, that is all that we use. We paint and stain some pieces, but most, we leave natural. I...
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    Re: Repairing old deck

    From the picture, it looks like there is a bow in the deck. Stretch a string from one side to another to see if the decking is indeed flat. If not, I would tear it all out and start over. You...
  4. Re: Oddball Garage Circuit Breaker Problem

    There is a huge difference in PVC and EMT. And Yes, even in Ca EMT is Not allowed underground, even if you use compression couplings. EMT is metalic tubing, not PolyVinal Chloride. Read the National...
  5. Re: Oddball Garage Circuit Breaker Problem

    You may have an LB at either one or both ends. Which by code is illegal underground. You cannot pull thru a LB connector. I think that if you have a crushed conduit, it would have pinched the wires...
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    Re: Sub Pannel

    There are too many variables involved to give a correct answer. Do you have empty spaces together, on the same side of the panel? What is the total draw on the primary panel? What size wire is being...
  7. Re: need to strip paint with heavy duty strippers. what respirator to buy?

    I found this wonderful product that does a fabulous job of stripping almost anything and everything. It is called "Soy-Gel" They also make a great product named "Lead-Out" Both products will not...
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    Re: rewiring with romex

    That is a nice place for the receptacles in an older house. Some used to be in the floor against the baseboard. If the home has a wide baseboard, then sometimes they put them there. All of...
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    Re: Replace a broken floor joist

    You know, I have read about those screws. I love the thought of having the ability to use screws instead of an air nailer. I am going to do more research on them, and see if the structural engineer...
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    Re: Replace a broken floor joist

    I am all for sistering the joists together. And that is a great way to do this. But you cannot use screws, you must use nails. 16 penny size preferably and a good coat of liquid nails to help keep...
  11. Re: HELP! Have I made a huge tiling mistake!!

    I would suggest removing everything cut the rock straight across the bottom of the cabinets, leaving about an inch of so if possible. This will allow you to use tape or mesh cover the joint....
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    Re: Replace a broken floor joist

    Most likely there are no staples from the hardwood floor in any joists. If the joist runs parallel to the hardwood planks, there would be a slight chance, but that is a long stretch. You may...
  13. Re: Is foam-backed vinyl siding any good?

    If you are having your house sided with vinyl, you should not be able to see the house wrap. Any type if add-on siding such as vinyl or aluminum will be placed over the existing siding. Unless there...
  14. Re: kitchen under cabinet light and laundry ceiling light..flickers

    Since you did not specify the type of fixture, we can only assume that you have fluorescent fixtures. There is nothing in the tube except for gas, no metal filament. Replace the tubes. You may also...
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    Re: electric dryer set up

    There is a fusible disconnect within 15 feet of the dryer because the NEC (National Electric Code) stated there Must be a disconnect within 15 feet of the dryer. It can be hardwired, but there...
  16. Re: insulating a house without tearing up walls

    I am assuming that you now have sheetrock covering the studs. I would take it all down, insulate correctly and re-sheetrock. Sheetrock is really inexpensive in comparison. You can then use spray...
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    Re: Wide Plank Counters

    I agree with Mastercarpentry. Don't cheap or short cut anything. When rebuilding our kitchen and baths I went above and beyond that and used 3/4 inch marine grade plywood under my countertops, on top...
  18. Re: Do I need floor reinforcement for installing cast iron tub on second floor?

    Most likely you will be fine. The structure of old houses are far superior than the cheap junk built today. But you really will not know for sure until you tear up the old floor and look at the...
  19. Re: Need Help Identifying "Pipes" Along the Foundation

    Since you did not mention where you live, and from your alias, you seem that you live way up north. And you did not mention the age of the house, if they are field tile with cement...
  20. Re: Question about original hardware

    That is a very "touchy" subject, especially in the south.

    The way that I heard it is that the "hired help" was only allowed to use the black knob doors. I have no idea if that is actually true. We...
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    Re: Back deck, ants coming in.

    I suggest that you remove their food and water source and they will die and the rest will leave.

    Since you mention they are coming up from under your desk, that sounds like you have debris under...
  22. Re: Sour smell in master bathroom - in Austin, TX

    This sounds like it could be the drain pipe is not fully draining, and is not moving all the water out. This is caused by the pipe out of level in the incorrect direction.

    This will give the smell...
  23. Re: Need Help Identifying Vintage Craftsman Table Saw

    What seems to be wrong with the tilt mechanism? Most of the time they used the same parts on many different models. May want to look at others if you can find one. Also, there could not be very much...
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    Re: Door Outline on Bathroom Wall

    At some time, someone moved the door. What you are seeing is the patch that covers the original opening. If you feel the wall, you should feel a slight bump at all three edges of the original...
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    Re: My gutters are pathetic

    Sounds like you have Box Gutters if they are "hidden" and you cannot see them. Those are known as Wooden Box Gutters. They come from a long while back. They do require a lot of...
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