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  1. Re: New built in bar turned from white to yellow in one week

    I've been painting for 28 years. There is absolutely no reason your painted cabinets would turn yellow from white because of a halogen light. Ask the cabinet maker if he primed the wood on the...
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    Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

    I've been painting for 28 years. Power wash home 1st. Oil prime all bare wood after prep & the first 3feet around the bottom.. Use a quality 100% latex paint on the body. Spray nice even coat. All...
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    Re: Painting bathroom

    On the drywall surfaces I would use a water base primer.. On the wood sections I would use an oil base primer, only if raw.. I would never use an oil base paint.. 1 if you spay & 2 coats if you are...
  4. Re: Want to paint need help with Prep

    Adding to the last reply...please don't use mesh tape over a 1/8 inch hole.. Fill it in with shrink free spackle..
  5. Re: Painting old house basement walls and floor

    If there isn't very much flaking or peeling ?? You could do minimal prep by cutting where it's coming off, space smooth over it, & use an oil base primer over the walls. Then apply your top coat of...
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    Re: Sliding Pocket Door

    You can use WD40 to make it slide easier & it has and it comes with a straw attachment to get to the roller inside on the top of your door. Or if its a nice old door you could strip it & refinish it...
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    Re: metal kitchen cabinets

    I think that's awesome you refinished the old metal cabinets.. If you run into them again & want to fix the dent , try using spot bondo you can pick up at your local paint store in a tube. It works...
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    Re: Old house closet odor

    Personally I would prime the surfaces with a shellac that will seal in all odors & protect against mildew seeping in.. Finish with a quality latex enamel .. I hope you didn't take out all the built...
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    Re: Chemical Free Paints

    If you have a Benjamin Moore paint store in your area ?, they have some great organic paints available . The one you want is labeled ECOS organic paints. They're water based , solvent free paints &...
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    Re: Repainting Trim

    If the woodwork isn't in to bad of condition & you want the quickest solution.... You can prime over the existing product with zinnsers coverstain oil base primer that will seal in the surface &...
  11. Re: Want to paint need help with Prep

    You don't need a professional, do it yourself.

    You can prime the water stains, and recaulk around the windows, and then just recoat it.

    Feel free to ask me anything you want, I have 28 years...
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