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    Re: Painting Bead Board Ceilings

    This is for another topic but more then likely you didn't wash the cooking grease off from the area over the stove. Even if the ceiling looks clean it probably is not. If you already painted over...
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    Re: painting guttering

    Painting of gutters or any other metal is fine if you are using a high quality metal primer. These products can be found at most paint stores. Depending on your area and the environment you live in...
  3. Poll: Re: Wood Floor Finishes~ Poly vs. Moisture Cure Urethane vs. Acrylic vs. Water based

    Floor's should 99% of the time be done in a polyurethane. Acrylic/Water-based finishes are best applied to woodwork that doesn't receive much wear or have heavy objects on them. There is some...
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