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    reverse cycle chiller

    I have been researching reverse cycle chillers for heating my home. Aqua Products builds one that I feel is a good match for what I am trying to do. My problem is that I have emailed and actually...
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    sliding doors and windows leaking air

    Our 32 two year old house has aluminum frame sliding doors and sliding windows. The wind was blowing the other night and I found quite a few air leaks. Any suggestions for stopping the leaks would be...
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    udating a '76 two story ranch style

    we have a 76 two story ranch style home - essentially a split level arangement with the main entry on the first floor. Any cost effective ideas on how to update this home would be appreciated. I know...
  4. adding ridgid insulation to exterior of home

    We have purchased a home build in 1976. It has 2 by 4 walls which gives me R-11 insulation. I would like to increase that and since I am considering new siding at some point, could I add 2 by 2...
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