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    Re: Closed Cell Insulation

    This is one of the things that we have been thinking about doing in our house. However, I have yet to get quote and was wondering if anyone can provide a good idea on the cost difference between...
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    Re: Geothermal and radiant heating

    Thanks for the response. One of the reasons we bought the house was because of the size. We plan on having 4 children, (number 2 is due in march) so diving up the house is not something that we would...
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    Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

    I am in the process of reconstructing my windows and upgrading the weatherstripping (spring bronze in the tracks and silicone where sashes meet rails.

    There is a guy in Ann Arbor MI who had this...
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    Re: Tom Silvas elastic waistband trick for balusters

    I wish I knew about that a few years ago. It is a great trick.
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    Geothermal and radiant heating

    In a few years, we will be doing a massive renovation of our house and we are in the planning stages now. One of the things we are thinking about is doing a geothermal system but instead of an air...
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    Re: Air filters for round vents

    It is unconditioned up there and well vented. The last inspection did not find any mold or moisture issues, but who knows.

    I will put a humidifier in his room when I get home tonight. As it is,...
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    Air filters for round vents

    My son suffers from very bad allergies. We currently have a 13 air filter and have had all the ducts cleaned, however we are also looking for air filters for the vents themselves for his room only....
  8. Re: Open Cell Foam Spray-up insulation under roof decking

    I keep hearing mixed things about this topic and there are a lot of factors involved. However, if heat rises, then it would stand to reason that the underside of the decking would actually be cooler...
  9. Re: Front yard landscape... but without a front door to highlight?

    Thank you both for your ideas! You are correct in that we have porches on both sides of the house, however the one on the opposite side of the driveway is only accessible from the back yard. We do...
  10. Front yard landscape... but without a front door to highlight?

    I have a bit if a design dilemma. I live in a 120 year old East Lake Victorian that has no front door or front porch. Inside, they took a nod to the idea of a portico and put the front door on the...
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    To paint or not to paint my trim

    We have a 120 year old East Lake Victorian that has almost no painted trim in it. From what I have been told, the dining room is black walnut, the foyer is oak, and most of the rest of the house...
  12. Re: Green options - what gives the biggest return on investment?

    I was told from several people that the most cost effective green improvement that you can make to your house is reducing you energy usage with air sealing, high efficiency furnace/AC, reduced flow...
  13. Re: Maximum Effectiveness with a Programmable Thermostat

    Thank you for the information. I will make changes tonight. I was also told that using a basic humidifier will help make the air feel warmer than it is. Does anyone know if that is true?
  14. Maximum Effectiveness with a Programmable Thermostat

    I live in a 3,500 Square Foot East Lake Victorian that was once a boiler/radiator system. But the house was converted into apartments and they installed two forced air furnace systems (one upstairs...
  15. Re: Follow the remodel of our 200 year old colonial revival:

    Thank you for posting. I love these in progress blogs because they give me so many ideas!
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    Re: Screen door project

    That looks like a great door and I love the idea of being able to install the plexiglass for winter months.

    I have been having troubles finding screen doors for my 8-foot tall exterior doors and...
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    Re: How to get a historic home to be air tight

    How much air leaks in through the stud bays?

    We have not decided if we will demo to all the studs or not, but the thought has crossed our minds. I guess our idea is to have a new house on the...
  18. Re: Hello… I am looking for my first Historic Home.

    Just as an update, we found a 120 year old East Lake that was only two blocks from our condo. It was built as a wedding present for an only daughter by the first owner of the house next door. During...
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    How to get a historic home to be air tight

    My wife and I are in the early stages of remodeling a 120 year old, 3,500 square foot East Lake in Grand Rapids Michigan. However one of the first things that we are looking at doing is making the...
  20. Hello… I am looking for my first Historic Home.

    About two years ago my wife and I moved into a one bedroom condo within the Heritage Hill Historic District in Grand Rapids Michigan. Being a city planner, I instantly wanted to get involved in the...
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