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    Re: Basement walls: to frame or not to frame?

    Youíll frame your walls using 2Ē X 4Ē lumber. Be sure to select only the straightest and truest boards. Youíll find there are three components to your wall ó bottom plate (itís horizontal, itís on...
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    Re: Can feel air flowing down the stairs

    1. If your home is the open-concept type, its going to be difficult.

    2. Close all doors to rooms on second level. This is key.
    Afterall, what you're looking for a is a nice cool bedroom, not a...
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    Re: Drainage Problem

    larger gutter may be needed or additional down spouts may need to be installed.
    After the gutter issues has been taken care of, pipe out the down spouts by installing at least a 4 inch solid drain...
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    Re: Poor drainage in front of garage door

    It does not sound practical because even if you leveled off a section of the drive, there will still be a steep section coming down from the street, and water would continue to gush down the driveway...
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    Re: French Doors need repairing

    If the door or doorjamb is cracked, then you will have to move the hinge to a new place. To do this, first back out all screws and then pull off the hinge. Next move the hinge to a clear spot on the...
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    Re: roll up screens in casement windows

    I hope You're going to need someone who is very familiar with old windows. If you are in a city that has a historical society, or old home owners club, I'd check with this for window repair...
  7. How to tackle serious damp in the bathroom?

    I have recently bought an old cottage, and the main part of the cottage is fine, but an extension build in the 60s suffers from damp. The bathroom is in this extention, and damp is literally running...
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    Re: Properly heating a basement bathroom

    Is a suspended ceiling ok for use in a bathroom, and above the shower area, I have a lot of balance adjustable open / close adjustors on the heating pipes in that area and would like to be able to...
  9. Re: Looking for computer based boiler control management system, is there any?

    Computer simulation of a heating system demonstrated that the use of poorly commissioned boiler controls and the use of thermostatic valves with limited flow control leads to buildings not...
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