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  1. Re: 1932 spanish home orginal succo with no insulation inside

    You must visit this URL for more information
    In short I explain you that this work if you done with your own self it will be pricey. Just rent it.
  2. Re: Towel Bar mount will penetrate HVAC duct, is that a problem?

    Penetration in the wall means the headache. For this reason i always suggest to other people usage of magnet towel bar mount. Its easy to use and handy.
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    Re: Tin Roof Painting

    Which type of paint you use is not necessary. The Pre requisite is how do you paint? First remove all rust and dirt. Use a wire brush to scrub away rust and wash away dirt with a strong cleaner that...
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    Re: Porch floor leaks into basement...

    First of all make s shed of any wood and paint on it which will be weather proof. Second is your porch base must be higher than the previous condition.
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    Re: southern flying sqirrels in attic

    I face squirrels. First of all these are not flying. LOL
    In my attic these are enter from nearly tree so i trim it and cut all nearly long branches. Now attic is safe.
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    Re: adding to backsplash behind new stove

    That house was build in 1860's but dear you live in 2008's. So their is new technology called "Fire Resistant Walls". Actually this is the cement made by portland company which is heat and fire...
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