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    Re: Drywall adhesive

    I hope someone has a really good answer for you! Because I am also pulling down old paneling and I have the same problem!!!
  2. Re: shopping for new hvac system-please help!!

    Also as for the no call backs-same thing when we roofed, and needed plumbing work. There is a lot of commercial development going on in our area, and no one wants to fool with the small jobs.:(
  3. Re: shopping for new hvac system-please help!!

    I know I sound like an idiot-but im really not sure what kind of heater it is...just that it is electric and built with the central air. We have a gas insert in fireplace and 5 burner inferred in the...
  4. Re: shopping for new hvac system-please help!!

    also what is the difference in a 2 speed heat pump and just a regular one?? I'm pretty clueless...:confused:
  5. Re: shopping for new hvac system-please help!!

    Because the current duct work under the house has flooded in the past. If we get a massive amount of rain, you can look down the vents and actually see the water in them. It has only happen once in...
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    Re: decreasing hot water

    I am not a plumber, just a homeowner, so take this advice for what it costs! But we have a 40 gallon hot water heater (electric) and we had the same problem...slowly less and less hot water. We...
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    Re: Pellet Stoves and Boilers


    My parents have a pellet stove and they love it. They installed it in their fireplace (since kids left home and no one to cut wood).
    It does a great job of heating their living area and...
  8. shopping for new hvac system-please help!!


    Our house is located in southern Oklahoma, summers 110 and winter days as cold as about 25f. Our house is about 2400sq feet, 4 bedrooms, one story brick. It seems to be fairly well...
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