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    Re: Painting Ceramic Tile

    there is a special level of hell for those who paint ceramic tile, right between those who paint brick and the guys who created avacado and harvest **** appliances...:D
  2. Re: HELP! US WINDOW MANUFACTURERS of DH Wood Windows circa 1970

    It will be hard to find non insulated windows, and why would you want to?

    You need new windows anyway, find a good replacement and start doing them
  3. Re: New Buderus boiler using more gas each month than 40 yr old boiler

    Bet he didn't do a heatloss, bet it is as large as the old one, which is probably grossly oversized, and wasting gas.

    Bigger is not better

    What is a heatolater?
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    Re: ductless vs high velocity

    Go with the minisplits

    I doubt you will need four

    yes you may need to leave doors open, but if you insulate your house well you will not get much heat loading at night, just the moisture from...
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    Re: historical preservation vs. staying warm

    I'm sorry, but a perfect single pane window is a horrible energy waster even without air leakage. A regular house with tight windows loses half its heat through the windows. half of the rest is...
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    Re: Schluter Kerdi Shower System

    Had a large curbless panless shower done with kerdi in the fall of 04. Perfect so far
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