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  1. Re: Cat pee smell on concrete. Need to address before tiling - HELP!!!

    Urine is acidic and when it hits the surface of the concrete, it will be absorbed up to 1/8". If you use a surface cleaning, you will remove the uring on the surface but not the urine within the...
  2. Re: Walls for all interior basement room (wine storage)

    I can't help you out with which studs to use, or the type of wall or flooring, but when it comes to stopping and preven seepage and moisture, I would suggest going with a sodium silicate or lithium...
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    Re: Stone foundation sealing

    Stone is tricky, and for a few reasons. First, between the stone is usually grout or some type of concrete. Unless a bonding a gent was used, there could be hairline gaps between the grout and the...
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    Re: Removing paint from cinder block walls

    Cinderblock is hollow and very porous. If water is not redirected away from the house, the cinderblock can fill up with water. As the cinderblock fills up with water it can push calcium or salt...
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