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    Re: General musty smell in house

    Does any part of the house have a crawl space? I would check that out as well. I would think walls as well. Good way to tell for a leak is to remove some baseboards. That's how we found a massive...
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    Am I wasting money?

    I have pretty bad t1-11 siding. Am I wasting my money by using Glidden Gripper primer with Behr paint and primer? I thought it might help it stick more? The gripper makes the surface much more smooth...
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    Re: Roof Problems

    I would go to your local Big box store and ask what type of paint. The only problem is will the paint flake off over time? You might ask about some type of liquid rubber, or asphalt that's black and...
  4. Painting T1-11 am I wasting time and money?

    So our t1-11 siding is pretty bad, but I think we can save it. When you look in the grooves you can see where some of the wood is pulled away. I bought some glidden gripper primer and bher ultra...
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