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    Ceramica DaVinci Maui 16x16 tile

    For those of you looking for the Ceramica DaVinci Maui 16x16 tile Home Depot still carries it.I saw it at the Olive Branch, today but they do not have the 12x12.It was 68 cents a square foot.
  2. Re: Home Depot Out of Stock Ceramica DaVinci "Maui" 12x12 tile

    I went by Home Depot today looking for 12x12 Maui tile which they don't have but they DO HAVE 16 X 16 MAUI and said they can get it any time.So check out your local Depot for 16x16.
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    Need Ceramica DaVinci Maui 12x12 tile

    Hello I am in need of Ceramica DaVinci Maui shade 05 12x12 ceramic tile.Does anyone have some or know where to get it?
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