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  1. Re: Plaster repair in non-visual locations

    You can get dry plaster mix at Lowes/HD and mix up as much as you need. It has a very short working time (10-12 min), but other than that its very much like working with spackling compound. I have...
  2. Re: Switching to natural gas heating system

    We converted last year from a 1940 oil boiler to a Buderus GC 124 gas boiler, which is designed for gas conversions. Efficiency is rated at .84, so its better than average, but not high efficiency. ...
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    Re: Sunroom Insulation

    If its the glass area where you are trying to reduce heat loss, you could try using insulated/lined d****ries. However, you would not have any sun coming in. The other area to insulate is the...
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    Re: can I replace my own gas oven?

    I would also recommend buying the stove before you buy the new fitting and flexible metal hose. The shut-offs and hoses at the home stores are labeled for dryer, standard stove, high output stove,...
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    Re: how much does re-wiring an old house cost?

    In most places I've lived electrical work must be permitted and inspected, but the homeowner is allowed to do his/her own electrical work on his/her own house. I also don't expect any issues with...
  6. Re: Timer switch has red wire but romex only has black and white

    If its like the Leviton timer I recently installed, I believe the red wire goes to the load and the black and white just match black and white in your Romex. However, my switch had fairly clear...
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    Re: Need a 220V outlet for a stove

    Having two outlets on a single 220 volt line is a bad idea, but I have seen it work in cases where you can be sure both loads are not on at the same time. However, it won't work for your situation....
  8. Re: Not lath and plaster, not modern drywall

    I have rock lathe and plaster in my 1940 house and I'm gradually getting used to working with it. I have been installing new outlet boxes and I have not had any problem with causing significant...
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    Re: NM-B wire attached to steel beam?

    If you plan to ever finish the area, you want to drill the joists and run cable through them. Conduit attached to the joist bottom may be fine in a utility area with no ceiling, but even there its...
  10. Re: Replacing Cast Iron Radiator with Toe Kick Heater

    I agree that "All proper hydronic designs and alterations begin with an ACCA Manual 'J' heat load." (which has been done once already), but that's like saying "All proper brake jobs begin with a...
  11. Re: Replacing Cast Iron Radiator with Toe Kick Heater

    I appreciate all the comments, but maybe need to make a few clarifications. I am not trying to make a do-it-yourself improvement. I had the boiler replaced and converted from oil to natural gas...
  12. Replacing Cast Iron Radiator with Toe Kick Heater

    As part of my kitchen renovation we want to take out a cast iron radiator (calculates to about 7200 BTU) under the kitchen sink and I had planned to replace it with a toe kick heater. However, when...
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    Re: any disadvantages to Pex plumbing?

    There is another version of PEX (PEX-AL-PEX) that is designed for use in hot water heating. It has a flexible aluminum core surrounded by the PEX plastic on both sides (in and out). That design...
  14. Re: Heating Ducts/Return Register Location - Which is Best?

    It would help to know your location and whether the priority requirement is either heat or cooling.

    - If your priority is good heat, put the ducts in the floor under your windows and the returns...
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    Re: Condo Questions

    Refrigerators don't really draw that much amperage except at startup of the compressor. Even then it should not exceed 15 amps. You probably want to do a few electrical upgrades, but what you have...
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    Re: bath fan/heater on old wiring?

    We had a similar need in our 1940 house and decided to kill two birds with one stone. We ran a dedicated 12/3 line from the breaker box (which has been upgraded to 200 amp) to the attic above the...
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    Re: Anchoring a Kitchen Island?

    We have a kitchen setup that might provide a little input for you.

    We have an island with a granite countertop, but it has a fairly short overhang all the way around. The island cabinet is just...
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