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  1. What kind of Fence will Best Preserve a Hillside View?

    We want to replace or repair our current fence. We want the fence to blend in or be "invisble." Whatever IS seen, we'd like to be tasteful. We want to keep the deer out and our dog in.

    What type...
  2. UPDATE: Where do you find the right contractor for Updating?

    Our house size is 2000 sf living area, and 2400-2500 sf attic space (due to a garage with ceiling). We live in the "East Bay" hills in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    - Our insulation is 2-3"...
  3. What's the best hot water "on-demand" option?

    Does anyone know of articles, studies, etc. that will help us decide between these 2 options?

    1) hot water recirculation (retrofit kit for existing pipes), e.g. the Watts system at Amazon.

  4. Re: Where do you find the right contractor for Updating?

    My thanks to both you for your replies. :D

    Next Mon & Wed I have a little time off from work so I'll heading to the city permit/inspectors office. I also checked with the BBB and 2 other ******...
  5. Where do you find the right contractor for Updating?

    Our house is a mid-1950's ranch. When we moved in 3 years ago, we had to update/upgrade it electrical system. In the next couple of years, we'd like to update/upgrade its ventilation ducting...
  6. What can be done for 1950's aluminium windows?

    We cannot replace them. They include 116", 96", and 73" picture windows with casements on either side of them. We are in a fairly temperate climate and so only see about 3-10 days of frost each...
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    Insulating my old house

    Have read the DOE fact sheet and their website. I'd like someone to sanity check what it looks to me we are suppose to do and answer some of my questions.

    Our old house is a 1956 single story...
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    Door Stops for Front Door

    Can you help us? I know this is NOT a major component to putting in a door, but we'd like to figure this out before we proceed.

    We have 2 questions:
    1) What are all the kinds of door stops that...
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    Re: Thank you ...and come have a look!

    Huh. Not sure what the trouble is. Perhaps there's confusion. I uploaded 10 pix to the link. 1st 2 are "before," next 4 are "during," and last 4 are "after."

    When I click on the link, I get the...
  10. Come take a look at the fruit of your help!

    Come take a look at the results of your contributions:

    Last Summer, when we began trying to...
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    Thank you ...and come have a look!

    Come take a look at the fruit of your advice and counsel :D

    Last Summer, when we began trying to...
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    Planting around established Birch trees

    We'd like to plant at/around/where 3 Birch trees stand some more sun (of one side) and shade (for the other) plants in the area.

    I was wondering whether we can add some dirt (e.g., in a...
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    Re: John Hardie cement fiber siding

    I just installed a facade of JH fibercement siding over an exisitng exterior stucco wall as part of our patio (covered and open) remodel. I would DEFINITELY agree with jkirk that it is labor and...
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    Re: preventing gutter dbris

    Flo-free and gutterstuff are 2 brands of foam inserts. I know that there's at lesat 1 more.

    You may want to also checkout & read my reply to the gutterstuff thread.
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    Re: Gutter covers

    you may want to see my reply to the "gutterstuff" thread.
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    Re: Gutter Stuff gutter guards

    I've been looking into gutter guards this past year. Here's my quick summary of the options:

    a. Types of products.
    1) Screen (or fine mesh)
    2) Foam insert (like gutterstuff)
    3) Bottle Brush...
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    cost of custom profile repair?

    ANYone know...
    - where we'd find someone that can match exisiting custom profile galvanized steel gutters?
    - roughly what 25 feet of it would cost?
    - and any other common issues we should expect...
  18. Re: How do you conform sidepanel of cabinet to bulging wall?

    Yes, thank you. I am sorry I wasn't too clear... The "sidepanel" goes over the cabinet side and is just a little bigger than the side and one is suppose to be able to cut it to fit for bulges/lows. ...
  19. How do you conform sidepanel of cabinet to bulging wall?

    I'm putting up some wall cabinets as base cabinets. And, am trying to figure out how to cut the side panel so that it follows and conforms to a bulge in the wall. Any ideas? :confused:

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