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  1. Re: Workshop location: garage or basement or separate structure

    I use both - garage for metal shop, basement for wood shop. Heck, I could use a third space for clean work like finishing.

    I say if you are only going to be doing wood work, then put it in the...
  2. free software for beam and post load calculations

    Anyone know of easy to use, and free, software for figuring out how much load there is on a beam or post in a certain config? I've seen some stuff out there, but it asks questions like what the...
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    Re: House on a Lean

    Sounds like you need your house jacked up, a footer and foundation wall installed around the perimeter, and then set down on that. At least, that's how things are done here in the north. On trips to...
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    Re: Pre-wiring with foam insulation

    I did a gut rehab on an old condo and ran new electric in EMT conduit and coax + telecom wiring in plastic flex pipe (terminating behind telecom face plates on the walls - boxes aren't required for...
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