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    Re: Home Improvement New Year's Resolutions

    ***! My "nothing special split entry" house is in dire need of TLC in many areas. I may even need to exterminate stink bugs, if that's possible to do. First, on my list of things to resolve in 2009...
  2. Re: Striped ceilings and walls! What is it?

    Adding the thermal break or more insulation makes sense to me, too. Any volunteers to go up into my dark, creepy crawlspace?? You can't pay me enough to go up there! :D I have drastically reduced...
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    Re: Sacred Mound in My Yard

    Thanks for the suggestion on the raised flower bed--hadn't thought of that. Good idea!
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    Sacred Mound in My Yard

    This may sound like a question for my local cemetery association rather than TOH, but here goes. In December of 2004, I lost my best friend of 14 years, Heidi (my Labrador Retriever). My yard...
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    Interior Mold Attack!

    :eek: There is black mold on the entire back wall of my basement family room and attached garage, continuing out the side walls following the slope of the ground at the side of my house. The mold...
  6. Striped ceilings and walls! What is it?

    I have been granted "custody of the marital residence", along with a multitude of problems :eek:, one of which is striped ceilings and walls. This split entry house was built in the late '70s and had...
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