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  1. Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the May 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    I vote for Cover A, mainly on the basis that it looks like a renovation and not a new addition, which is what Cover B looks like. The corner cupboard is a comfy accent, and I probably would feel more...
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    Removing paint from metal

    I'm trying to remove paint from metal window pulls. Think it's water based, tried soaking it in paint thinner with no result. Also think it may be brass because the paint thinner didn't harm it. Any...
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    Damaged wood behind doorlatch plate

    ANYBODY? 1920 Home
    I have a problem with the wooden box behind a new 3 7/8" x 7/8" strike plate for a door latch. There are so many screw holes from previous strike plates that the wood is gutted...
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