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    Re: Venting through foundation

    A 4" diameter hole can easily be drilled thru a concrete foundation wall using a tool such as the Bosch Concrete Hammer drill. The tool (like the 11245 evs) is not cheap - and neither are the core...
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    Re: Grounding elcetrical outlets

    Tommy-h -

    You could do a couple of things... Does the electric panel have fuses or circuit breakers?

    If no updating has occured at all - probably fuses. If it has breakers - you could...
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    Re: Under Pressure!

    donobk -

    Not a plumber; but do have some expertise...

    I don't believe a Hot Water heater is rated for 350psi at all. Not anything close.

    Your thinking they put this huge safety shield...
  4. Re: where to find a drain for this old tub

    edgym -

    Didn't totally understand your discription. And I'm not a plumber. But I do know some stuff...

    You wish to: "use the old tub in renovated bath. The existing drain has inside diameter...
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    Re: Carpet seam binders on concrete

    mamalemen -

    Are you talking about the carpet 'tackstrip'??

    This conceivably could be fastened down by some product such as liquid nails... But I wouldn't bet on that for stretching a carpet. ...
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    Re: Automatic water shutoff

    wfaulk -

    Did not see the show. But sounds like they were demo-ing a "Flood - Safe" hose.

    The hose has a mechanical 'fuse' at the end where it screws into the pipe. If the hose breaks - the...
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    Re: My house stinks!

    I don't see a vent pipe in the photos. Closest possibility would be the toilet pipe - which would then have to run up to the roof.

    A vent pipe is easily seen. It is a large pipe (either cast...
  8. Re: Coved Ceilings--What will I find underneath?

    akimbo -

    Drywall does not just 'crack'. It is a very stable wall covering.

    Your 1949 house should not be having settling or lumber shrinking issues.

    You need to determine the cause of why...
  9. Re: Drilling Holes in Floor Joists for plumbing

    I also just reread - and realized your putting in DRAIN lines.

    Significantly larger than supply, for either water or electrical.

    A 3" or 2" drain line is going to have a large hole...

  10. Re: Drilling Holes in Floor Joists for plumbing


    Don't remember the exact rules... Codes vary by area. A lot of electrical books have stuff about it - my electrical are currently at another locale..

    Anyway - you should try to...
  11. Re: showerhead with automatic shut off at 98 degrees

    These are readily available.

    Saw some at HomeDepot just about a month ago. (early April 09) The ad on the box was that it let the water flow till it got Hot. Then it shut down to a trickle. ...
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    Re: Shower Remodel Help!!

    lschuenemann -

    The best and most cost effective way to do this - is to do what you want/need/like.

    You mention marble & tile. Those are not cheap. You mention a dark hole. Getting light is...
  13. Re: Peeling paint/drywall around shower stall

    Good Going for your efforts...

    How close is this drywall to the shower?? You mentioned caulking the drywall?

    A bathroom/shower is a VERY wet environment. Even with a fan. The only type of...
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    Re: 57" Alcove Tub - Does It Exist?

    ShowerTown -

    Don't know about the 57". But why don't you just use the 54" which was suggested by the Box Store.

    You don't have to cut into the walls to do this.

    Plus - since your replacing...
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    Re: Very little hot water - a stumper!!

    Wazoo -

    I don't believe your tub faucet is old. It might look old (retro) but I don't think it is...

    Can't be certain - but I believe ceramic washers are something out of the 1990's or late...
  16. Re: Leaky patchwork failed, now what? HELP!!

    Hello Lexy01 -

    Thinset is not waterproof. It just does not (mostly) deteriorate from water. Like concrete - water vapor flows thru it... and it can 'absorb' water. But then the water evaporates...
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