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  1. How to determine the required specifications for a water pump?


    We need to attach an external water pump to our rainwater tank, to pump water up to the back of the garden. What is the process/mathematics for determining what the specs of the pump should...
  2. Re: Leak in Rainwater Tank - fixable?! How? (Photo)

    Good point. I'm not quite sure though - it's some kind of heavy duty plastic material.
  3. Leak in Rainwater Tank - fixable?! How? (Photo)


    Our 3000L rainwater tank has sprung a leak two thirds of the way up. It's a crack that's come from nowhere. Can it be fixed? How?!
  4. Buying and installing a ceiling fan - tips?


    I have no ceiling fan experience at all, but need to purchase and install one in a small office (2.3m x 2.7m) in the spot where the lighting fixture is currently. Any tips please? Any...
  5. Re: Getting smells out of toilet seat plastic parts (yuck!) - how?

    Cheap ones are, well, cheap. Two nice ones means $300 - a lot when we've just moved house :(
  6. Window Decals / Suncatcher thingies for glass door safety - where to get them?


    I need some of those things that you stick on glass doors to stop people from accidentally walking into them. My other half, despite his currently throbbing head, refuses to settle for easily...
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    Re: Sounding Proofing needed

    That's surprising. You seem to have done everything to cut out the sound. I use sound-proofed offices and have been surprised how effective some standard sound-proofing materials have been - it's...
  8. Re: Getting smells out of toilet seat plastic parts (yuck!) - how?

    Thanks for that. Vinegar huh?

    The smell is definitely coming from the plastic parts in the joints. We plan to take it apart again and soak the plastic bits in something for several days.

  9. Getting smells out of toilet seat plastic parts (yuck!) - how?


    We have an icky deodorising dilemma: The males who used to live in the house we just purchased must have had absymal aim. We discovered this due to an abysmal odor emanating from the...
  10. Old-looking patio/pool tiles - how to make them look better?


    We have a patio that's been getting a lot of sun over the past 12 years. The tiles look really tired. Is there anything not madly labor-intensive that we can do to freshen them up, short of...
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