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    Re: heat coils in ceiling

    You can rent an infrared camera then turn on the heat and see all the wire. or hire an infrared thermographer
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    Re: Can't find HVAC Air Filter!?

    filter grill will work
  3. Re: A/C ceiling Registers dripping Condensation during Winter months

    You may have convection which is moving warm room air through you unit via the return. the warm moist ir condenses on the cold metal areas
    try this put a piece of cardboard in the return if you...
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    Re: Moving heated air with inline fans?

    It sounds like you need an air handler in the attic which is a central system and--normal. and you can always add central air if needed down the road.You may want to use a fan with a speed control...
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    Re: water leak at top of window casing

    You should find an infrared thermographer in your area beforw you rip everything down.Infrared can find water fast
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    Re: Insulating Square Ductwork

    Get duct wrap from the home store (in a roll) and use staples and quilted tape. Its sort of like duct tape but it has a fiberglass string cris crossed into it and will hold up better.
  7. Re: How to work out if we share air ducting between apartments

    Tuff call, but its not to difficult if the owner will let you- you could use a smoke machine or try dry ice in water and let the smoke pull into the return in the opposing area and if it comes out in...
  8. Re: Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

    Some chemical tablets are chlorine base.With a UV light cooking them all day It could release a bleach smell. But this is only a guess. No one can trouble shoot this problem over the internet only...
  9. Re: Shade for roof-top AC compressors?

    shade always helps but restricted air flow is bad and short cycled air is worse.You need plenty of open room on the sides and the top.the book for the unit will specify clearance .
  10. Re: Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

    Simple question to ask your hvac tech - Did they put drain tablets or a chemsock in the drain pan?This is done to prevent crud build up in the drain pan.
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    Re: Leak Detection Systems

    Can you be more specific?
  12. Re: How Protect AC Unit During Winter Months?

    If you turn off the power to the unit ,it has to be turned on at least 24 hours before you use it.The compressor has a crank case heater that keeps the oil warm to prevent liquid refrigerant from...
  13. Re: Checking for wall/floor moisture w/o demo

    You can find a local infrared thermographer to pin point the location.No cutting or destruction.
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    Re: Sill Plate - Please Help

    Use poly foam backer rod-its cleaner than expanding yellow stuff and it will flex, jam it in with a putty knife. and it will stop infiltration.
  15. Re: How to secure/staple cable in tight space?

    go to grainger item# 1XFC3
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    Re: Flue Pipe Insulation

    They do make fire rated rock wool insulation for commercial used like kitchens etc. but canuk has a point you need to find out why you have so much water.Maybe you need install a power venter for the...
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    Re: Paintable Duct Wrap

    You could re-do the duct work with lined insluation instead of wrap.Then the metal is exposed which can be painted and looks neater.
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    Re: Air Condition unit doesn't work

    It is a simple fix- try grainger for the motor and cap make sure you get the right direction motor or multi directional motor.If you have a dual cap --fan/comp then get a new dual cap.also measur the...
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    Re: what temp to set thermostat?

    Exactly right you pay for comfort and also -Can you sleep well at 78 degrees? - if you can't get enough rest you can't work productivly then you can't pay you power bill so live in comfort also 78 at...
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    Re: Old ducts

    I'm sure part of the problem is that the duct work in not insulated - in ac mode the duct work would sweat.If the system is in the walls then insulating them would quite an issue. you would need to...
  21. Re: SuperTherm ceramic coating for attic insulation?

    I don't belive anything either but I have tested it on a rooftop unit and it works. I will have to get my thermal pics up to show you.But the temp went down to within 6 degrees of ambient.It does...
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    Re: How to insulate under stairs

    If you live in Charlotte you should ask these guys they have many soultions in our climate area. I would use the pink stuff
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    Re: consideration for purchase of HVAC

    great point and there is no better technology than thermal infrared to help you find the loss
    find anybody in your area that can provide this service remember insulation is a one time maintenance...
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    Re: New Central HVAC System Questions

    Jack is right -there is another part of the evaluation that can be done.The insulation in the home can be tightend up and or add more. Have a blower door or thermal image done on the home.These...
  25. Re: sewer pump and sump pump are one in the same

    here is an alternative - a water powered pump of course if you have w well that losses power it won't work either but if you have city water...
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