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    Re: Draining hot water heater/system 2000

    Follow the advice of the other posters---------also try viewing the you tube videos that cover this topic by clicking onto:

    Enter into their Search Box such topics as...
  2. Re: Need to drain my boiler to make a repair. No bleeder valves in baseboard heat?


    I can sympathize with your impulse to save some $$$ by not calling in a hydronic (hot water) repair person, and after reading your post several times, it's obvious that you know...
  3. Re: Finishing an attic, question on plumbing for heating

    I agree with HR; depending on your geographical location, most attics are brutally hot in the summer & brutally cold in the winter----an extensive insulation job including the floor, walls & rafters...
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    Re: Advice on repairs to HVAC

    I agree with the others;

    1) could you briefly describe what the problem is with the system & why you think it doesn't seem to be fixed!

    2) do you have a service contract...
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    Re: Best PEX Connections for Whole House

    All I can do is refer you to the following You Tube videos and Caleffi sites regarding PEX and manifolds---hope this helps.

    While you are at the...
  6. Re: need help on best way to move radiator from one house to another and hook it up

    I have my doubts that this is a good way to get a needed radiator for your home---so many things can go wrong---you have no way of knowing if the individual seams of the radiator sections are...
  7. Re: Bleeding non-standard hydronic heating system

    Also touch base with:
  8. Re: Draft from walls and outlets only when HVAC is on.

    I'm going to take the side of SC on this one!

    Under the South Carolina Landlord-Tenant Act it is the LANDLORD that is responsible to maintain the rental property in good working order &...
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    Re: Attaching Wall Register


    The home improvement stores have battery-operated electronic stud finders (approx $12-$15) for this type of job, which makes it lots easier.

    Another method is to tap the walls with your...
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    Re: Is this a supporting wall?

    Why can't you access the attic??

    A small square hole cut with a sabre saw in an inconspicuous place like an upstairs closet ceiling is all you need to check out the small attic to check the joist...
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    Re: Furnace Pilot Light, Youtube no help.

    Brianna & Ryan,

    Both john & dj offer good advice----when it comes to gas-fired heating equipment it's wise to call in a local heating contractor if your initial efforts don't get the unit...
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    Re: Steam radiator release vent

    If you have a one-pipe steam system you should have a steam vent on each of the rads; if you have what's known as a 2-pipe steam system there are no vents on each of the rads; instead, there is one...
  13. Re: No heat Burnham boiler problem with flame roll out or vent blocked switch?

    Ditto what holler2 said.

    Hold a lighted cigarette lighter, candle, match or smouldering rope near the chimney vent intake to see if the smoke/flame is drawn (draft) into the chimney.
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    Re: Drill into brick or mortar?

    You'll need an appropriately sized masonry drill bit to do this job; I've always drilled directly into the center of the brick; most brick is rather soft compared to stone & a 3/8" or 1/4" diameter...
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    Re: Help with erosion issue

    I would like to see a photo or two as well.

    All the major lawn seed mfgrs have a "deep shade" version of their product that you might be able to use.
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    Re: Replacing rotten window sills

    I've used short lengths of pressure-treated framing lumber for replacement sills (2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X12) over the years with excellent results; some diy sites recommend leaving the new PT wood exposed...
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    Re: Help with hot water circulation motor

    If you have an older heating system it probably has one of the larger circulator motors (as hankinson describes) that has little spring-loaded oil filler caps on the top front or back of the motor...
  18. Re: blow in cellulose or take down plaster and use fiberglass insulation?

    Hey keith, I'm not trying to sell anything!

    And I resent your small-minded insinuations, which are completely false; I could just as well contend that YOU'RE trying to sell things with your post,...
  19. Re: blow in cellulose or take down plaster and use fiberglass insulation?


    No need whatsoever to do a nasty, dusty job & rip out the plaster---blown-in cellulose insulation from the outside of the house has been proven to be a very satisfactory alternative & can...
  20. Re: Alternatives to FHW radiator during kitchen remodel?

    I completely disagree with a number of statements in this post: "design temperature" is completely misleading when speaking of rads or other HW convectors & usually refers to a locality's lowest...
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    Re: How to find source for a leak in my wall

    Could you provide more info. Yes, an upstairs window doesn't have to be directly above to cause a leak---but check out other possibilities as well.

    From your description the leak is on the first...
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    Re: Refrigerator is suddenly not cold enough

    If you want to try some diagnostics Google the model # of the fridge along with the symptoms, there are tons of internet clinics staffed by pro repair persons & internet sites that will suggest...
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    Re: Attic insulation and air flow

    I completely agree with Houston.

    As noted previously, it's imperative that you get good air circulation using the baffles, soffit vents & ridge vent, otherwise you'll spend a lot of money & effort...
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    Re: Attic insulation and air flow

    Yes, it's my understanding that vent baffles/soffit chutes are required for several reasons; one is to remove the heat & moisture from the underside of the roof deck by having air intake vents at the...
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    Re: finding centipedes around


    Centipedes are usually rather easy to get rid of, but you have to understand that they are foraging for food if you see them in a bedroom/living room, etc.----they can't live without...
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