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  1. INSTALLING cast iron radiators: How to handle piping up to 2nd floor?

    We are installing some cast iron (hot water) radiators in our historic home. My only concern is running the piping up from the basement to the second floor, as the pipes will need to go through our...
  2. Are old pull chain toilets & bowls more likely to clog?

    I am thinking of installing a salvaged pull chain & bowl in my downstairs bathroom. My concern is not only getting parts, but also the fact that this thing may be more likely to get clogged. Does...
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    Are old push button light switches safe?

    I would like to install push button light switches in my house. I know you can buy these switches "new" right now, but they feel like plastic. I prefer the look and feel of the old switches, and...
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    How to plane an old door? I'm a rookie...

    One of the bedroom doors in my old home is pretty badly bowed. I found an extra door in the attic that looks like it could be a perfect replacement, but it's 3/16" too wide. I am a "rookie"...
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