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    Installing 3/4 hardwood over crawl space

    I am wanting to install 3/4" Pine, T&G hardwood flooring in my house. I will pull up the existing 99 cent a foot "laminate" that the prior owner installed 20 years ago. It was installed over OSB, 15#...
  2. Open foundation on post/beam barn conversion

    I'm interested in a property which is a converted post and beam barn, approximately 1200 square feet, rectangle layout. When it was converted, the posts were placed on concrete footers and the floor...
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    Re: Restoring wood-burning fireplace

    Thanks. Not sure I fully understand here. Is there a difference in what kind of liner to use for wood stoves vs. fireplaces? I know people with wood stoves who use triple wall pipe out the ceiling or...
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    Cellulose blown in or no insulation

    We have a two-story brick building with two-course brick exterior. The cross section of the wall from outside to inside would be as follows:

    Two courses of brick, portland cement mortar
    2" of air...
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    Restoring wood-burning fireplace

    With an old, shot masonry chimney that is not safe, I would like to rebuild the entire fireplace using a steel thimble. What is used for the actual firebox area? Is there an insert that is rated for...
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    Re: Insulation, AC unit questions

    I installed a Lowe's $90 power attic ventilator in a two-storey wood frame 1920s house with success. Of course you have to have fresh air supplies by installing roof vents down low on the roof...
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    Re: HVAC system in dirt basement

    I agree, make them responsible. HVAC in a dirt basement should be done with sealed, insulated, flexible ducts for supply air and return trunks. Professional grade mastic should be applied on the duct...
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    Septic field with no baffles in tank

    HI follks,

    I have a client with a property that had a brand new, permitted septic field installed in 1999. The lines are adequate for the size of the home, number of people, baths, etc. That all...
  9. Re: To paint or not to paint exterior brick, that is the question

    Thanks Ordjen, confirms my thoughts as well. Most people have modern improvements such as A/C, exhaust fans, etc. If humans breathing causes so much vapor that it penetrates walls and decays fragile...
  10. To paint or not to paint exterior brick, that is the question

    The discussion on painting exterior brick varies, and I am from the persuasion that "historic masonry" is old, past its prime, and cost prohibitive to ever attempt a re-point with lime mortar. I...
  11. Re: Portland cement for repointing brick exterior

    I see, thanks for confirming. It sounds like modern mortar OPC is a nightmare for soft masonry bricks from days gone by. I have seen some beautiful, still sound, brick 1920s homes that appear to have...
  12. Re: Portland cement for repointing brick exterior

    If it is a soffter mortar than you should use portland.

    I thought Portland cement was the no no, too hard, impervious to water, decays older softer bricks?

    On painting, I realize masons hate...
  13. Portland cement for repointing brick exterior

    I'm a bit confused here. People say Portland cement caused deterioration in 5-20 years. Are not modern brick structures built using Portland cement brick walls?

    Also, when repointing an older...
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    Re: Brick septic tank - is thing thing on?

    Cesspools are indeed dangerous. But I can't imagine putting up with any leaking septic tank either, especially when it is right next to the basement outer wall. I think in this client's case, the...
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    Re: Brick septic tank - is thing thing on?

    Yep, good word for it. Cesspool. Certainly I am suggesting the replacement of the tank. I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to buy a property with a brick septic.

    The yayhoo at...
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    Brick septic tank - is thing thing on?

    Is there any valid reason whatsoever that anyone would install a brick septic tank in the first place, unless it is pre-1950 or so?

    Also, is there any valid reason someone would opt to not...
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    Re: Cistern is not used, but is it leaking?

    Since the basement floor has the 2" of water perpetually and some slime and mud, it may be logical to assume the cistern is collecting the slime and silt and draining it into the basement, perhaps at...
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    Cistern is not used, but is it leaking?

    If so, from where would water come into the abandoned cistern? It is basically a concrete porch with a trap door lid on top, and shares a wall with the rear of the building. In the basement area, it...
  19. Re: Finishing interior side of exterior brick walls

    So if my existing wall finish is mortar, I should use mortar. If it is plaster I should use plaster . . . or can plaster go over mortar? I am interested in trying to create a smooth, drywall-esque...
  20. Re: Finishing interior side of exterior brick walls

    I think the mortar in the structure is fine. That aside, I may opt more for trying to patch and smooth the existing material. I like the idea of the fake wall, wall inside a wall, etc. I had thought...
  21. Re: Finishing interior side of exterior brick walls

    Found the article, it reminds me of what I learned in school about vapor barriers, and helps define how moisture migrates and why to avoid a "double barrier". I think in my brick structure example,...
  22. Re: Should I tear down plaster walls and replace with drywall?

    Label the trim pieces with numbers or letters and make a diagram of where each piece will later go. Also, then is your chance to place trim pieces on saw horses and sand rough edges of paint (they...
  23. Thread: Vapor barrier

    by cocteau3

    Re: Vapor barrier

    If your insulation is "faced" do you mean it has a kraft paper vapor barrier? If so, and you added a plastic sheeting under the drywall, it sits against the kraft paper and makes a "double vapor...
  24. Finishing interior side of exterior brick walls

    We have an interesting building from the 1920s that is brick construction, built as a two-storey bank building. All good-looking brick on the outside, well tuck pointed. Inside, the applied...
  25. Brick foundation with Concrete Block veneer inside?

    Sounds crazy, but I recently saw an old, restored house that has its original brick foundation. The foundation was in good shape structurally, but the renovators built a new single course concrete...
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