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  1. Sticky: Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the Nov/Dec 2012 cover of This Old House magazine

    All I see in A is the dining set-
    B- I think the image has good depth,
    a bit cramped, but in realtor speak, cozy
    is another word for cramped. C- I focus on the range.
    D- 1/4 of the image is...
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    Re: What plant is this?

    This is the info I got from my wife, an avid gardener...

    The Latin name is Crocosmia. It is a bulb and comes in different colors (reds, yellows, oranges.) The one called Lucifer is most cold...
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    Choosing a Porch Material Wood vs. PVC

    I have a 50's Trilevel that needs a porch repair. It is covered, about 24'x6' and above a garage (in Chicago). My plans are to rip off the old carpet/roof membrane/ sheeting etc and replace. I plan...
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