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    Water softener bypass valve

    Hi -

    I'm hoping someone can help me locate a source for a Water Softener bypass valve. I'm in the process of replacing some of the "antiquated" water lines in our house, and can't seem to find...
  2. Re: Commercial range installation in residence

    I'm not worried about clearances. I already have a woodstove in the spot where I intend on putting it. Plenty of room.

    I just really need to get the electrical sorted out. It looks like I may...
  3. Commercial range installation in residence

    Hi -

    I was hoping for some advice. I'm considering a commercial range for my kitchen and need some information on the electrical.

    (yes I know, call an electrician.) As far as general...
  4. Commercial range installation in residence

    Hi Folks!

    I was hoping you could help me out. "Somewhere" I saw an article on considerations to be made when deciding on whether or not to install a commercial range into a residential kitchen....
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