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  1. Over the range microwave that doesn't vent outside?

    We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I need to find an over the range microwave that doesn't vent to the outside. Reason is, the placement of the microwave and stove will be on a wall with...
  2. Device that automatically waters flower boxes?

    What I'm wanting to do is install something that automatically waters 4 flower boxes, one Japanese fire maple (???), and my front lawn. Lawn is pretty small, takes me 15 min to cut with push mower. ...
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    Building an outdoor kitchen/BBQ area

    I've decided my next "toy" project is going to be building an outdoor BBQ area/kitchen. I want to build a BBQ, pizza oven, and a sink.

    First question I have is, do I need any special bricks for...
  4. Re: Building a tree ring. Got any tips/advice?

    Are you implying that building a tree ring will kill the tree? :confused:
  5. Building a tree ring. Got any tips/advice?

    I'm going to be building a tree ring probably this weekend on a tree I have in the front yard. It's a Japanese red maple, I think it's called. Right now there is one the previous owner put in a while...
  6. Question about adding bathroom in basement. Drains

    My buddy wants me to help him put a bathroom in his basement. I consider myself pretty handy and up to the task. But I'm a little confused on how we should do it.

    He has a room that is pretty...
  7. Anyone know how to fix tilt-in windows? Broke the tilt part.

    I have the tilt in windows that you can tilt in to clean. They are in my kitchen. I tilted them in to clean on Sat and when I went to put them back in the plastic part at the bottom of the windows,...
  8. Installing a tankless water heater. Will I have to upgrade my circuit?

    I was going to install a tankless water heater in the next couple of months and someone told me I'll have to upgrade the circuit in my box for it? I haven't read this anywhere before as being a...
  9. Water Heater blanket idea, is it safe?

    I need to get a blanket for my hot water heater. What I was wondering is if I could use the left over R-30 insulation that I have from when I had to reinsulate some exterior walls? I have a gas water...
  10. Re: Why does my shower tile grout keep cracking?

    Thanks for the responses. Those helped a ton. Now I understand why what's happening is happening.

    I used DensGuard directly behind the shower tiles and fiberglass, not paper, drywall in the rest...
  11. Re: Why does my shower tile grout keep cracking?

    Yes, it's wood for the window sill and I tiled right on top of it. It's treated/waterproof. I guess that is my problem. Thanks. I'll look into the caulk.

    If you look at the pics the cracks run...
  12. Re: Why does my shower tile grout keep cracking?

    This is the grout I used

    And this is the...
  13. Why does my shower tile grout keep cracking?

    I just redid my bathroom and the grout keeps cracking and falling out between the tiles on the window sill. I just redid the grout for a 2nd time last week and it's already cracking. I've taken two...
  14. Re: Light switch to no where? 3-way switch with no other end?

    Thanks guys. I'm going to crawl into the attic this weekend and see if I can track it down. I'm hoping that it goes out to the garage.
  15. Re: Cement board or blue board for tile shower?

    After more reading. I've decided to go with this from Lowes.
  16. Cement board or blue board for tile shower?

    I've been reading on here and have gathered that green board is a no no for a tile shower. I was going to use the new blue board but just saw about 3 threads where people said to use cement board.
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    Re: How long is to long for a Dryer vent?

    Thanks, I've been worried every time I use it.
  18. Light switch to no where? 3-way switch with no other end?

    I have a 3-way switch at my back door that doesn't do anything. There is a receptacle with 3 switches. One does the exterior flood lights, one does the lights to the stairs downstairs, and the other...
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    How long is to long for a Dryer vent?

    I know not really plumbing, but didn't know where else to put it.

    My gas Dryer is in the basement and the vent goes up 7 feet then makes a 90 degree turn and goes to the wall about 7 more feet....
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    Tips on removing wallpaper sizing?

    I'm in the process of pulling off the wallpaper in my bathroom. I've got a steamer and the wallpaper comes off super easy. The problem is the sizing doesn't. It takes forever. I'll put the steamer on...
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    Replacing a bathtub? Got any tips?

    I'm going to be starting on the remodel of my bathroom. I'm pulling everything out to the studs probably. I'm going to replace the bathtub too, b/c it's an old yellowish one and refinishing it will...
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