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  1. Re: Replacing 80's flourescent 2 tube kitchen light

    Thank you so much for the pictures and reply. They are just what I needed as I was really lost as to how to handle this deep 8" cutout in my ceiling which is indeed a recessed light well. As I said...
  2. Re: Replacing 80's flourescent 2 tube kitchen light

    Thank you A. Spruce for getting back to me. You are right, I could have done a better job of describing my specific needs. It seemed so clear to me when I wrote it but in rereading it, not so much....
  3. Replacing 80's flourescent 2 tube kitchen light

    I need to replace the ceiling lighting in my kitchen. I have the standard frame with two plastic diffusors that will need to be pryed away. The box holding the flourescent tubes is likely about 8...
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    Re: Stripping lots of wood!


    Just thought I'd add some thoughts from one who found stripping cabinets to be near impossible. First let me tell you I live in CA. Your reaction is likely so what, a professional's will be...
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    Ditto on slab insulation plus more

    I am in the same boat with the cement slab right beneath the carpet pad and carpet. I too am paying very high heating bills. I have no idea what product to use but I know what is missing or should...
  6. Thread: slab insulation

    by eureka

    Re: slab insulation

    Bless you for writig in a question that nearly matches mine. It is so nice to know that someone else is puzzlig over solutions to dumb, stupid, crumby work on the part of a contractor.

    Our home...
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    Re: Attic Insulation is massive confusion

    Thank you both for your info. I always wondered how the cable and satellite guys scrambled around up there running various cables. I have to assume these guys have just slid down and climbed back up...
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    Attic Insulation is massive confusion

    We live in the High Mojave Desert in a big, 2000ft, meditteranean style home with many elevation changes, bump outs, indents, soffits, etc. Over 20 yrs we have grumbled about drafts, excessive cold,...
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    ??How to paint masonite door?

    I have a 2 hour fire door between my home and garage. It has masonite on both sides. Since this is a smooth, slick surface I'm wondering how to repaint the door properly. The door has peeling paint...
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    ??How to remove elastomeric paint??

    We had our home painted w/Ever Guard Coating 2 yrs ago. We have a dbl steel front door that was also painted with the coating. The door paint began blistering, peeled off where the door came in...
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