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  1. Re: How to do a candy apple finish on a red wall?

    I believe you may be thinking of venitian plaster . It is a kind of faux finish that can be polished to a mirror like sheen and can be made to look translucent. The colors can be made very intense...
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    Re: Painting Wood Paneling

    Tsp substitute is a good deglosser and availible just about anywhere. if you cant get that lacquer thinner is a strong second , rubb after a scuff sand. make shure you follow saftey instructions....
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    Re: green stuff


    just found more on my cuurrent project :)
  4. Re: Peeling interior paint in a 200+ year old house

    So your house is wicked old and the paint peels, what are your interior walls made from ?? brick, plaster ect ... there most likley is a moisture issue but you still should have plenty of options.
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    Re: crack in the ceiling

    Need a fix ? Check the list

    1. If the crack is small about the width of a few hairs then with clean hands apply a white non-glossy paintable caulk to the area.Clean off the excess with a small...
  6. Re: Too much weight for plaster and lathe ceiling?

    Try your best to get down to bare joist , it will be far more rewarding in the end. As stated before there are a number of health and saftey concerns so you really should get a few bids to understand...
  7. Re: Caulk over old glazing for a quick fix?

    Caulk will hold for about 3-6 months before it starts to fail and look poopy, try to use a Dap caulk minamize your labour use a clear elastomeric caulk.
    Personaly glazing only takes...
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    Re: Painting base trim

    sorry to say it may only be skill to keep the paint off the carpet.but her are some tips.
    1 vacuum the hell out of the edge and place a wide strip of blue tape (2 inch ) as close as possible to the...
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    green stuff

    Hi, my name is josh and I paint professionaly in the CT, New Haven area. For the past 5 years I have worked to renovate and restore a number of old homes all built around 1900 to 1920.
    while working...
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    Re: Latex paint

    faron hit it right on, the word enamel is just for advertising.

    I have painted many diffrent cabinet types and may offer some tips. a tsp wash is a strong first step, ( was it tsp? or tsp...
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