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    Re: How to insulate a closed off attic space

    If your talking about going through the ceiling in the garage and cutting through where the roof is not exposed to the outside,its a great option,you be able to tell when you hit a truss or rafter if...
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    Re: Blown in: Cellulose vs Fiberglass

    Cellulose is far supperior in walls if properly dense creates a better air barrior.If you use a 1" nossel to install it i would drill three holes per cavitie 1-1.5'from the bottom...
  3. Re: Insulating an unfinished attic space 1 1/2 bungalow

    I would use the cellulose under the floor also you can dense pack it just as you would the walls you would just have to block the ends of the cavities, you may have to remove a floorboard so that you...
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    Re: Insulation Resources

    If I were you I would add mor blown in insulation such as cellulose you get more bang for your will also settle,just blow it a little deeper then the R-value that you would like to acheive.
  5. Re: How to ventilate a roof w/no soffits, no ridge, no gables?

    Yes your attic should be vented and insulated. as for the vents if you have enough room at your gable ends and a slope to your roof I would use a combination of gable vents and roof vents,keep in...
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