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    Re: Home Improvement New Year's Resolutions

    Three years ago I tore out my kitchen, working out fustrations, then figured might as well do bathroom too. I have been living with base cabnets only, and stud walls. My resolution is to finish my...
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    Re: Paint removal from brick?

    [I] had a chimney in one room I wanted to remove the paint and plaster from. You would think stripper would do it but there are too many pores. I ended up using a hammer and chisel, then a wire...
  3. Re: Buried treasure: Find anything interesting during your last move or demo?

    Whenever I start a garden section in my yard, I turn the dirt over with a pitch fork and sit to separate it with my hands. In all but one garden I have found marbles. Tiger Eye, solid colors, and...
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    recessed lighting

    I am remodeling my kitchen and wish to install recessed lighting. The problem is I have a two-way switch and old wiring, the kind without a ground. I don't think I am capable of rewiring to the...
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