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    Re: what kind of stain in sunroom?

    with sand mixed in...
  2. Re: How to wreck your air quality - a lesson learned

    Howdy consider opening some windows ..... fresh air. Oh to be so luck of having a tight home. The cost of the air exchanger over the life of it is likely less the the costs for hvac in a leaky...
  3. Re: Roof Water and Ice shield on my entire roof !

    Howdy water under your shingles? Ok is it a sloped roof ? Is there a intrusion to the roofing plaine close to the water? a pipe vent, power mast, chimney, intersecting wall or roof in the area? How...
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    Re: Corrugated Cardboard..asbestos?

    sounds like, looks like might be- so get it tested and then depending where your at you might have to have it re mitigated and thats $$$$. But since the asbestos fibers are so light they float almost...
  5. Re: insulating a converted garage ceiling

    Howdy ever think of getting a byuilding permit an then meeting the code required techniques? This might serve you well. Otherwise without the climate your in or the attic space ect. cannot help much...
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    Re: Floor insulation

    Howdy, need more information. are you raising the floor level of the garage a inch or feet? it makes a difference. in other words more information. if you are installing a sub floor remember no wood...
  7. Re: How best to replace old skip sheathed wood shakes with asphalt shingles?

    Removing spaced decking is a whole bunch more work then overlaying osb or plywood on it not to mention the time to then remove additional nails .... Big Howdy to Mastercarpenter great suggestions-...
  8. Re: 15lb felt as underlayment for a small porch roof.... Good/Bad

    Howdy whats the pitch an what are you shingling over the felt? #15 and #30 are now about 7 an 15 pound felt. you can obtain 30 pound felt about $28 per roll . I prefer it as more saturated felt with...
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    Re: Garage ceiling insulation and venting

    Hi consider installing a continuous ride vent. It works verywell and you don not need to replace the roofing except where the vent is installed. Soffit or eve vents need move soffit venting then...
  10. Re: How best to replace old skip sheathed wood shakes with asphalt shingles?

    First call you home insurer see if you get a large discount if you change to a level 4 impact resistant asphalt shingle! on all future payments - its a big deal. Also they should reduce the costs...
  11. Thread: Seepage

    by Timothy Miller

    Re: Seepage

    Howdy is the foundation back filled? check local code for if water proofing or simple damp retard of water is code. what type of foundation? how high up in the wall is the leak are there openings in...
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    Re: Tar to repair a leaking 1 yr old roof?

    howdy- you may not find what you are looking for. The roofing may be not only be upto code but built to industry standards. Ice dambing an leakage in a sound roof is not uncommon. In your area is...
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    Re: Washing machine turning clothes blue

    howdy i have a few pairs of blue jeans that could use a good washing in your machine to renew the color - lol
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    Re: R value for walk out basement

    Howdy i would go r-25 but i try to reduce my heating load in my basement. Moving the studs away from the foundation walls a couple inches reduce the heat sink issues. Insulation spray applied foam or...
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    Re: Tar to repair a leaking 1 yr old roof?

    Howdy tar exposed to sunlight oxidieses and weathers away. But if applied under shingles it will last the life of the roofing - on average. Ice dambing, darn if they would of run ice an water guard...
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    Re: Shipboard Lapping

    Howdy the "Best" is a great question. In my life the costs weigh heavily so in this case i would probable blow in cellulose - dense packed- so settling is a mute point. Removing the siding if it is...
  17. Re: "Straw" is overtaking the front of my property.

    howdy think cows as a new pet- you have the grass
  18. Re: best material for shed base(plywood or osb)

    Howdy, locally osb an plywood are about the same $. so i would use plywood since it can stand water better then osb. how much weight are you going to load the floor with if bunches consider floor...
  19. Re: Finding the right people for basement dig

    consider calling your local building department for a referral they should be able to tell you contractors that do this type of work in the area.
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    Re: Closets in an American 4 Sq. House.

    Consider these wonderful suggestions. Maybe great time to donate some of the clothes that everyone seems to have that they do not wear because of growth, style... then less of a problem. what a...
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    Re: Ceiling/Wall depressions?

    sounds like water damage to the drywall since it is mud with a thin paper wrapping. If it becomes wet but not too wet to fall down it can bow then dry as hard as before. Might you have winter snow...
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    Re: Mildew smelling closet

    open the door an ventilate it. consider lifting carpet and pad if it is in there to see if visible fungus/mold and then act on that .
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    Re: I am here to introduce myself

    Howdy! Working on a home?
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    yard ground cover not!

    Howdy what i thought was expensive ground cover is moss. iron mostly effective but how many applications before it is died out?
  25. Re: emergency pump in basement in case of burst pipe

    Howdy there are a whole host of options and the $$$$ too. There are back flow valves for floor drains to prevent sewer back ups. A sump pump in a proper pit and draining out side is a good option....
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