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  1. How to finish a joint between wall and ceiling where there is some movement

    I'm repainting a bathroom where the joint between the wall and the ceiling is subject to movement. The slanted ceiling is on the underside of a pitched roof. The roof flexes under the weight of...
  2. Are my ceramic tiles clean enough to caulk with GE kitchen and bath silicone caulk?

    I'm about to re-apply GE kitchen and bath silicone II caulk to the joints between my tub and my ceramic tile on the tub's enclosure walls and between the tub and the ceramic tile floor. I have to...
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    How to ventilate attic bedroom

    Our house has a 15ft by 15ft, 3rd floor bedroom under a pyramidal-shaped roof. (Note that the pyramidal roof does not rise to a sharp point, but rather rises short of a point into a 6ft by 6ft...
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