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  1. air- born vine-like parisite needs to leave snapdragonsand petunias

    I have found an interesting vine-like pariste (for no better word).It doesn't come out of the ground with a root system, but it wraps around the plant tightly. It likes snapdragons and petunias...
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    kids drew on every wall with crayons

    Recently bought a fixer-upper. The kids who lived there before, drew large crayon pictures on the walls. These pictures have been there a long time. Torch and so called spray on cleaners are not...
  3. Smelly well water results when left idle

    We have a problem with one of our cottages water. The water for all three cottages is from one well,this cottage is the only one that has smelly water. The water is softened by a Morton water softner...
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