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  1. Re: "Used" cat litter on the garden. Good or bad?

    Although the composition varies widely (especially if the litter is labelled as containing "crystals" or wood shavings) kitty litter is mostly clay. I don't think clay is used as a soil amendment. ...
  2. Multi-surface basement ceiling paint suggestions?

    I'm giving serious consideration to spraying my basement ceiling with paint -- joists, wires, ducts and all. I'll most likely be using an airless sprayer to do it.

    Is there a paint that will...
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    Re: Saftey of Old fuse box/electric/wires

    Who is "he"? Are you saying that your landlord came in to inspect the wiring? Although laws vary from city to city, unless your landlord is a licensed electrician, he cannot legally do any work on...
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    Re: Riddexplus any good?

    My girlfriend purchased some of these before I met her. After a while I moved in with her and bought two felines with me. Mice still come in from time to time (running right past the Riddex) but...
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    Re: Using existing phone line for voip

    The biggest hurdle you'll need to cross is disconnecting your phone line from the phone company's network and connecting it to your VOIP router. The article above covers this. The reason it states...
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    Electrical service meter box sealant?

    Long story short: I need to replace the sealant that blocks moisture from entering the electric meter housing outside. Any suggestions for a good sealant?
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    Re: sink house

    Try talking to a soil engineer. If you can't find one then try talking to your local cooperative extension although they might just refer you to the soil scientists at Virginia Tech.
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    Re: Old House Locks

    1) I assume the doors are solid wood in which case the answer is "yes". There are a number of ways to patch this using a combination of wood plugs, glue, and filler. If the door is painted this...
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    Re: moss in grass??

    You might have acidic soil that encourages moss growth. Your local cooperative extension can test your soil and tell you its chemistry. They'll also make suggestions on how to correct problems.
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    Re: Visiting gardens for inspiration

    Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is interesting enough that I've visited a few times.

    Here is the distance from several mid-Atlantic locations:
    Philadelphia, PA - 30
    Wilmington, DE - 12...
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    Re: House Project

    I would just paint the siding. With correct prep. and priming aluminum siding holds paint well. If you're willing to put in the elbow grease to do it yourself you'll potentially save yourself...
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    Re: Anchoring deck to cement foundation

    What's wrong with sinking concrete anchored posts right next to the foundation?

    Or using both a ledger and anchored posts where the posts would reduce the sheer load on the ledger and the ledger...
  13. Re: What is the best insulation product to deter bugs

    I don't know if your particular situation calls for a retrofit but in general you don't want to have wood directly in contact with- on or below- grade concrete. The best practice is to use a sill...
  14. Re: What is the best insulation product to deter bugs

    You know, a couple of times over the last few days I'll go to the TOH front page, click on a question they've highlighted on the front page, and I'll get a "thread not found" message.

    Are they...
  15. Re: What is the best insulation product to deter bugs

    Eh. The eyes were playing tricks on me.

    Still, it's good advice in general to solve moisture problems :)
  16. Re: What is the best insulation product to deter bugs

    Cellulose insulation is borate treated.

    You can also purchase a borate solution to spray around before you insulate (which both deters insects and inhibits rot and fungus). Brand names include...
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    Repairing door dings and dents

    I'm renovating a mid-century house. The doors in the house were constructed well but they've taken their share of dings and nicks on the edges of the door. While I'm restoring these doors I'd like...
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    Re: noisy neighbors

    You might try reposting your question to so-called "audiophile" or "home theater" forums on the web. Home audio and theater nuts can tell you about room acoustics and ways you might quiet the inside...
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