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    Re: DIY Dad Tips & Tales for Father's Day

    Both my Dad and Grandpop taught me so much that it won't all fit here! :). I always have considered myself as my Dads "oldest son". My brother is ten years younger and I am a "tomboy",so my Dad let...
  2. Re: TOH wants to know what you miss most about houses of the past

    It was my Greatgrandmothers home. The beautiful hardwood floors, the real Persian rugs, the big old grandfathers clock the was so loud. The "smell" of her house. I miss the attic with all the great...
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    Re: Electric Hot water heater

    :) I don't have an answer but I have the same question! we have a hot water tank we just bought,now aren't sure what to do from there. we don't wnat to messup the heat just want more hot water and...
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