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  1. Re: Exposing brick - any warnings/suggestions?

    I would use a masonary sealer on the brick
  2. Re: Smoothing Joint Compound - Wet Sponge or Sand?

    your Dad's friend should have used Durabond self setting joint compound first then second coat and finish up with topping compound you don't need more then three coats. it sounds like you need to re...
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    Re: Does anyone know the going rate....

    Maybe you should have charged by the hour if you don't know how to price out your work? you should tell your customer what you want per hour and then charge for materials you use on their job. good...
  4. Re: Plaster walls tooled to look like subway tile?

    I have seen this type of plastering in houses biult around 1900 up to the 1920's. the plasterers use to also do stone work out of plaster, I have repaired walls that had water damage and I had to...
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    Re: 1901 Walls to be insulated

    Check into the new spray foam, since all the interior has been gutted they can come in and spray the foam let set up and then you can come in install your sheetrock or plaster board, this product is...
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    Re: Which tape fro drywall seams and corners

    I just bid a job for a Lady who had some friends drywall for her, they used mesh tape and all their seams and corners cracked, I told her I would use paper tape only, she also has a vaulted ceiling...
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    Re: strip paint off old plaster wall

    anytime I have dealt with peeling paint it's because of water getting in behind the paint, I use a T handle razor sc****r use it just like stripping wallpaper. the other thing here is being the age...
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    Re: water stained ceiling

    You may still ahve a water leak, what needs to be done is take the water damage out and replace with new. putting stain kill on a water leak will not fix the problem, take the bad area out.
  9. Re: Removing wallpaper and paint is pulling drywall paper off

    It sounds like you have water damage, if the paint is like rubber then water has leaked in, I would check to see if the drywall is soft, I would check corners or the bottom of the walls, just push on...
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    Re: stain brick instead of paint?

    You need to check into a masonary stain, like what they have for concrete, Check quickete they should have something for it, the other thing is the type of brick you have will play into being able to...
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    Re: Mixing Paints

    Don't mix interior with exterior, unless you plan on painting some shelfs or a floor somewhere no one will see, you will see the paint flash like no tomorrow,I know I had a helper grab the wrong...
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    Re: spotty painted finish

    Kim have your Brother get you a gallon of BM Fresh Start primer Latex give the wall a real good coat of the prime, then after it drys then paint your finish paint two even coats you should be good.
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    Re: texture coat on interior walls

    The reason the walls are cracking is the weight of the cement,as people walk about the rooms, this causes the walls to viberate, in turn the nails pull out of the studs, then the weight will take...
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