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  1. Re: NEED 16 x 16 ceramic tile from Home Depot color: "MAUI"

    Is there anyway to find another retailer that has a close match to the tile? If you like the tile and do not want the hassle now of tearing up and replacing everything maybe these tips would work....
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    Re: Replace countertops or paint cabinets?

    Check out rustoleum cabinet and countertop transformations. The kits are fairly inexpensive (about $100 a kit) and it works well on laminate. Can be found at home depot and lowes. I would not...
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    Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

    The only way I would recommend doing this is with a flooring like Portstone makes. It can be installed anywhere ceramic could be, is light yet looks and feels like brick. Google the name and there is...
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    Covering up hideous wall tiles?

    We just purchase a beautiful old house that was renovated shall we say tastelessly? Anyway the kitchen has tile going up 8 feet in height on the main walls and backsplash that appears to be 80's neon...
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