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  1. Re: Adding a light fixture to a switched circuit

    Good news! My fixture is now working.

    I had planned on leaving the outlet switched, but I took your advise and made it constant. That actually makes a lot more sense, since I can use the desk...
  2. Adding a light fixture to a switched circuit

    I have a 1940s house, and I am adding light fixture to an upstairs bedroom. I am replacing a wall light fixture that was plugged into a switched outlet with a fixture that is hard wired. Currently...
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    Proper putty for ABS trim

    I am fixing up a large tool shed in my backyard. I added some trim using 1x4 PVC plastic attached with 6 penny galvenized finish nails. This is the first time I have used plastic trim, and my...
  4. installing a new gasket on a toilet tank

    I am reinstalling a Kohler toilet after having a new floor installed in the bathroom. The rubber gasket between the tank and the base wasn't in great shape, so I went to the plumbing supply store...
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    new Kohler toilet tank gasket

    I am reinstalling a Kolher 2-piece toilet after having an new floor installed. The rubber gasket under the tank was damaged a bit, so I went to the plumbing store and bought a new one, along with...
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    Adventures in Radiator Restoration


    I have a home in central NJ built around 1950, with cast iron hot water radiators. I've gotten myself into a quandry with one of them. Here's the story.

    A few years ago I noticed...
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