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  1. Re: Prime base prior to installation?

    Yes, If I were you, I do the Prime before installation too.
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    Re: re-doing trim

    What you will need: Ladder, Rags, Paint sc****r, Exterior wood filler, Sandpaper, Acrylic latex caulk, Caulking gun, Primer, Hammer, Paintbrush, Paint

    Exterior Trim Preparation
    - Sc**** off...
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    Re: Wallpaper removal

    Is your wall plaster or drywall? This is important to know once you get started.Determining which type of wall you have can be as easy as knocking in several places. If it sounds hollow, itís...
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    Re: Holes in the tile

    Just use a little grout but try to find a similar color with your tiles
  5. Re: Inexpensive ways to spruce up current kitchen

    I think you must think about re staining or repainting your kitchen cabinet as these ways are more econoical for a house you want to give it to rent
  6. Re: Inexpensive ways to spruce up current kitchen

    Yes , you can replace the door, however as you want to rent it, I don't agree with it, as you know most of the tie tenants don't take care of house.

    It depends on the condition of your cabinets...
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