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    Re: Stone Foundation

    Similar problems here.

    I've read that mixing mortars can cause problems - perhaps further deterioration of the original mortar, but the biggest concern that I've seen repeated is that today's...
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    Re: Stone Foundation French Drain

    We just took on a project similar to the one you are thinking of. We did an interior weeping tile system which collects at a sump pit, but instead of using a sump pump we had a directional driller...
  3. Re: Bowing foundation wall on 120+ year old house

    I can't answer your most pressing questions. It sounds like you need someone to come and do an assessment, but a permanent fix is very likely to cost you more than $20k if contracted out.

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    Re: Foundation Help needed

    It sounds drainge related. Is there weeping tile around the foundation? Before any foundation fix I'd look into potential water/drainage issues. Weeping tile should remove water from around the...
  5. Roof and floor sag due to deteriorating foundation?

    I have an older home 1 1/2 storey home with a field stone/lime-based mortar foundation. The roof and floors have both sagged. I'm wondering if I should take some steps to reverse the problem. The...
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