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  1. Installed new hinges, now door is hard to close

    I just installed new swing clear hinges on one of several doors in my home.
    This is for a bedroom door that opens into the room.
    The hinges are on the right as you stand in the bedroom facing the...
  2. Sticky: Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the August 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    I don't use FB, and your article says that only votes taken by the poll will be counted. It plainly states that
    write in's won't be counted. FWIW, I like choice "A".
    I think you need a new IT team.
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    Cutting into a concrete slab for remodel?

    Home is slab on grade, no evidence of post tensioning, nor any existing cracks in drywall.
    We need to remodel the master bathroom. There is an existing garden tub and an adjacent shower stall.
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    Puzzling table lamp

    I have a bedroom table lamp with a three step touch dimmer mounted in the metal base. It was working fine till it was unplugged while I was on vacation. When I came back, and plugged it in, it would...
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