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    room temp. doesn't get to thermostat temp

    i have several apartments with different heating systems. two of them have thermostats that for example if you set them at 70 degrees they only get to 60 or 65. so you have to set them above what...
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    malfunctioning auto-vent damper

    i have a fairly new utica steam boiler system which includes an automatic vent damper. the heat was off when i got up this morning and i went down cellar to check the boiler. when i got down there...
  3. coffeemaker/radio in same outlet keep coming on at random

    i have a GFCI outlet in my kitchen which has an under cabinet radio plugged in to it. also we have also had a coffee maker plugged into the same outlet. On more than one occasion the we have either...
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    water hammer in steam pipes

    i have a recently updated steam boiler heating system which is working fine, however the steam pipes occasionally bang. i know that this is called water hammer. a heating contractor told me that...
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