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  1. Re: Replacing ceiling with concrete instead of drywall????

    Sounds like he is plastering over metal lath. The only thing is the cost difference, because real plaster is superior in terms of strength and durability. It is not as susceptible to water damage,...
  2. Re: How best to replace old skip sheathed wood shakes with asphalt shingles?

    If you retain the 1x6's use 1/2" OSB; the old sheathing will not allow it to warp or sag. If you strip to the rafters, use 5/8" 7-ply fir plywood, the best stuff there is.
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    Re: Problem Removing Bathtub Stem Valve

    Have you seen an exploded drawing of the valve? Does the stem widen as it goes back? If there is a raised rim caught behind the cement base, that would be trapping it, and you would need to chip that...
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    Re: two questions about beams

    Your built-up 6x12 will be stronger than any 6x6. Use clamps to draw the individual pieces together before bolting. Bolts will be easier, because there will be fewer of them, if you use #16 sinkers...
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    Re: wiring is different.

    My best guess is that the light circuit is the blue wire, and the green is ground, Black and white are fan motor and neutral. Your house wiring has two circuits, the black and red wires, and the...
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    Re: Joists??

    As long as the nailing pattern is adequate, you only need to bear the sisters on one of the plates, the old joist will carry the other end just fine.
    I explain the logic this way: you can...
  7. Re: (Slightly) Burnt Trim and Railings

    You have to remove scorched areas by scraping or sanding down to fresh wood.
  8. Re: Recessed light ideas and recommendations

    Depending on what your budget is, it may be worthwhile to plan the kitchen lighting out really carefully. There are 4 general groups of lights. General, Task, Ambient/Mood, and safety/convenience....
  9. Re: Corners at wall and ceiling keep cracking with cold weather

    If your house was built with trusses (as opposed to individually cut rafters) you probably have "truss uplift". If you google it you will see it cannot be eliminated, only managed. The key is not to...
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    Re: Kitchan Cabinet Bumpers...

    Also clear silicone-rubber bumpers.
    The ones that crush and break down are sponge neoprene, which has a short lifespan.
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    Re: Stain treated lumber -- dry?

    What you are asking for is KDAT lumber; kiln-dried after treatment. Not every yard carries it; it's mainly to supply dimensionally-stable framing members so the framing does not shrink after the...
  12. Re: Hey there guys... New here and looking for a little advice

    Two courses of brick with a space in between is not a way to build basement walls below grade, because they would not stand the weight of the soil around them pushing in. Basement walls are normally...
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    Re: Gummy cabinet doors

    The worst-case is that the lacquer is degraded due to prolonged exposure to grease and oil. Naphtha is pretty good at dissolving grease without harming any good remaining finish. But I suspect you...
  14. Re: House with 1960's French Drain - end of lifespan?

    Once I opened up a French Drain that was built between 1903 and 1920, it was still functional, which surprised me greatly. It was filled with riprap and sealed with a clay "lid" (a layer of pure clay...
  15. Re: Trimless options for new windows?

    You originally had drywall returns, instead of wooden jambs and casings. Drywall is easy to work with, but the job is going to be dusty. Maybe overlaying the gap with 1/2" thick jamb liner stock...
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    Re: Relocating a support post

    I looked at all their pics, and that house is a beautifully-preserved Mid-century Modern gem, and they are nuts IMO to make structural changes like that. Once they get the estimates for moving it 6"...
  17. Re: Similar Builders in other Regions?

    Ted Benson? The timberframer. There are other timberframers throughout the US, but mainly in New England and the western states, where you can source big logs easily and keep the freight cost low. ...
  18. Re: HELP!! Level or stabilize? that is the question!!

    We leveled the first floor with 7 new footers and posts in the basement and a new floor system, while supporting the second and third floors which were later jacked almost level and supported with...
  19. Re: Antique interior door on garage?

    As long as it is not a veneered door it should be fine. That's especially true if it will be under a porch. Old millwork is often much higher quality lumber than is found today. Anyway, it will be no...
  20. Re: Removing lead paint from exterior walls

    First, do a simple lead test from a kit you can buy in any hardware store. Second, resign yourself to repainting. Once brick has been painted, it is painted brick. If by some chance it's not lead (I...
  21. Re: Any idea what this is? "Dots" on brick and underside of floor.

    If it wasn't mold, I would not worry about it. Iron filings can make little black dots on wood, but on brick/masonry?
  22. Re: Sheetrock or drywall behind built-ins?

    A argument could be made that using 3/4" plywood instead of drywall would give adequate fire stopping and the freedom to attach anything at any point on the wall, which could balance out the added...
  23. Re: How to tie porch into gable roof?

    Fine Homebuilding has an article in case somebody need the visuals.
    If you did use trusses, you would probably just snap...
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    Re: 1950's cork flooring

    You can carefully sand it down, bearing in mind it is really soft, and then shellac it. You can test for shellac with denatured alcohol, if it was shellacked in the past, the new will melt into the...
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    Re: Replacing shower enclosure

    The wire mesh in the corner is also going to be in the wall/ceiling corner. It is problematic to deal with that stuff. It'll cut you. Yes, that is rocklath with plaster finish, and it is probably...
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