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  1. Re: Installing flourescent light in manufactured home

    I've considered this installation at length and realize the following. Correct me where I am wrong. The light is going to work off a wall switch. I will connect the the white from the light to the...
  2. Installing flourescent light in manufactured home

    Want to install a flourescent light in a manufactured home and interested in doing the job correctly. The fixture which holds the flourescent is in fact a junction box unlike what you would find in a...
  3. Small Narrow Side Yards for Manufactured Homes

    Interested in your ideas concerning small narrow side yards and how they can be landscaped. Visited many landscape sites and they describe and picture what a 'good-looking' landscape project would...
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    Re: Installing a plug on a lamp post

    Very good questions DJ!

    The lampost is metal and I don't see any visible wiring so my anxious mind would say the wires are inside the post. As to where the 'switch' is is anybodys guess. My plan...
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    Installing a plug on a lamp post

    Hi All!

    I would like to install a light fixture on a lampost that has a sensor to turn on the light at night and turn it off in the morning. I have a two plug box that I want to install. How do I...
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