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    Re: Tacky paint

    Make sure you sand and then prime with a high quality primer first.
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    Re: Painting old stained windows

    I would probably stay away from painting the tracks as even with 2 coats sprayed on that can still be enough to make the windows stick.

    My suggestion is to prime and paint all areas except the...
  3. Re: sanding between oil base paints?

    Sanding is not necessary between coats of oil based paint for adhesion. However, if after the first coat you notice some rough areas its always a good idea to feather sand to run the rough areas...
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    Re: Oil based over sticky latex?

    If I were you----since this is a high traffic are you probably want it to be PERFECT right? Well you should strip off the sticky latex paint with BIN paint remover. Then you should prime with an...
  5. Re: paint cracking and peeling off old wallpaper

    I agree with the previous poster. There is no EASY way to do this----as with anything painting you gotta prep! You could also try scraping with a hand scraping tool to get the old cracking paint...
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    Re: Paint with Primer Combination

    I understand you are trying to save money in this entire process but you forget that not doing the job right the first time will cost you MORE money in the end when you are dealing with peeling...
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    Re: Stucco

    There is no easy way to get rid of that without skim coating or re-drywalling the walls which it seems your apt manager will not appreciate that. You can try doing a faux glazing finish over it to...
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    Re: Exterior Painting Estimate

    For a 1500 square foot house it will probably cost around $3000 to do the home. This of course depends on the prep work on the home.

    Come to for all your interior and...
  9. Re: painting old stucco: remove old paint or just patch? how to prep?

    I have painted over 2000 stucco homes in the last 5 years. Here's what you need to do:

    1. Powerwash with a minimum 2800 PSI pressure washer with the 15 degree tip. Dont get too close with the...
  10. Re: I know it's an FAQ But I've got a Massive Paint Job--Fast Stripping Methods?

    Fastest way to completely remove all the old paint will definately be to use a soda blaster. You'll save tons of time and labor doing it this way. Trying to use a stripper for a job like this is...
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    Re: adhesive problem

    Definately try JASCO stripper/remover. This stuff is great, it will remvoe anything from paint to epoxy---should have no problem with your clear adhesive. Good luck! Come to
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    Re: gardengirl

    Only way to get it the way you want it is to feather sand down the new finish and apply a lower sheen varnish. I would try Man-O-War satin Marine Varnish.
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    Re: Painting base trim

    Pull back the carpet hairs and very carefully apply 2" masking tape with P12 masking along the perimeter of the room. Good luck!
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