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  1. Re: make a corian counter cutout smaller to fit new sink

    yeah thats going to suck. it will look nasty.

    You could make the cut out larger and get a joiner to build a wooden cutting board or bespoke drainer to fill/extend the gap and create a nice unique...
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    Re: paint kitchen counter tops

    lots of people cut onto worktops this will destroy your paint job.

    It might look a bit wierd but have you thought of painting the worksurface and then adding a glass worktop ontop?

    That might...
  3. Re: Is it feasible to install granite tile over laminate countertops?

    paint is a really bad idea. you might get away with tile, but the edging will be pretty ropey to do. Why not just buy a cheap replacement laminate worksurface?
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    Re: Uneven Granite Countertop

    i had this problem when my kitchen floor sank a bit due to water damage. Im afraid theres not a lot you can do. You could try shoring up the affected area however its a pretty big task.

    My bros...
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