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    Re: problem about Ceramic tile

    I think you might want to get it checked by a professional considering its an old house. I agree about water proofing it before any work is started. I definitely recommend Redgard.
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    Re: Unsightly Brown Stains on Siding

    We had this kind of stains on our second house too. It turns out they're from the nails that rusted over time. Due to constant raining, the stains seemed to spread. We tried removing them in some...
  3. Re: Refrigerator with LCD screen a good idea?

    It isn't necessary so I don't think I would go for it, in my opinion. Though it's really your choice if you really want a refrigerator having those features. In our case, an appliance like this...
  4. Re: Musty smell coming from under front room of house.

    I guess pouring concrete base to where that smell came from is the best option. Mastercarpentry's suggestion works as well. We had the same problem in our old house and the smell keeps coming back...
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    Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

    It's good to invest in quality holiday decoration sets as they are stored for most of the year. A good quality decor collection allows you to make use of it for more years to come. Just ensure that...
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    Re: Hissing sound in basement

    Yes, it's only right that you should be concerned about it. The crack between the wall and floor might get worse if you leave it like that. Who knows what might happen next plus there's the issue of...
  7. Re: Is mold remediation effective in the long term?

    Mold remediation's effect is only temporary. It's really difficult to totally remove mold problems. If it were me, I'd pass on buying this house as well.
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    Re: Help with living room/ dining room

    I'd say go with it if you want a change in your room. A change in style and room decoration is always welcome. But like what everyone here says, if you are trying to sell your home, don't do it.
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    Re: Awkward shaped closet

    I agree with what the others are saying here. Using a cardboard template would be the best solution. By the way, how is it now?
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    Re: pee stains on lawn from dog (fix)

    I have never heard of tablets that you can feed to your dog to reduce its urine's acidity level. My dog likes to pee on the lawn as well. The only thing I can do to dilute the pee with water.
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