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  1. Re: How to install a porch swing in side my living room

    When I installed my porch swing on the porch of my 1911 home I simply located the studs in the ceiling of the porch, drilled holes just smaller than the threads of my 3/8" hooks, screwed in the hooks...
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    Re: moth-balling finished attic

    I believe installing the door and wall at the top of stairs, along with closing the air ducts, is really all you need to worry about for this project. Draining the plumbing and sealing the drains is...
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    Removing Vintage Flooring Adheasive

    My home is 100-years old this year and I'm in the process of removing vintage floor coverings from one of the bedrooms. Under the grungy carpet I found what seems to be some sort of early version of...
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